Who will be participating in the 1:1 Chromebook program?
Students in Grades 5-12 will take devices home every night.  Grades K-4 will have access to chromebook carts in their classrooms.  Chromebook Information.
Can students use their own personal devices instead of the school-issued Chromebook?
No. The Swanton Local School District has committed a great deal of time and energy to get the Chromebooks prepared for the students. By using the district provided device, we are able to install applications as necessary, easily.  Applications required are already pre-installed. Using the district supplied Chromebook, provides the student equal opportunity and experience with technology.  In addition, students are unable to access the Swanton Local School Districts wireless network with their personal devices.


Can my child use his/her own personal case instead of the district provided case?

No.  In order to insure the most protection possible, students are required to use the district provided case as described in the 1:1 Chromebook Loan Agreement.

Can my child personalize the device or case?

No.  Students are not permitted to personalize the device or case in any way as was agreed to in the 1:1 Chromebook Loan Agreement.

Will students be able to keep their chromebook when they graduate?
Students have the ability to buyout their Chromebook, following the schedule below.

After four annual payments of $35 (IPF), the Chromebook can be bought-out for $35.


How will students identify their Chromebook?
Each Chromebook case has a window on the front, which will contain a business card with the student’s name and asset number. Additionally, all serial numbers and asset numbers are stored in our database.
Where can students access wireless networks when they are not at school?
Swanton Local School District has guest WiFi at all schools.

Other locations include:

  • Swanton Public Library
  • McDonalds
  • Subway
How do Google Docs compare to tools like Microsoft Office?
Google Docs are almost identical in practice to many office tools, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Is there local file storage on my Chromebook?

Each Chromebook has a 16GB Solid State Hard Drive.

Will parents have access to student accounts and passwords?
Parents can access accounts through the child’s username and password.  Please contact your building principal with additional questions.


Can the device be used by other family members for personal or other educational use?
No.  The device is to be used strictly by the student it was issued to for educational purposes only. A Swanton Schools account is required to login to the district provided Chromebook.  No other accounts will work on the Chromebook.
What kind of accessories can I use with a Chromebook?
Mac or Windows USB drives, USB mice, USB keyboards, and external storage devices work well with Chromebooks.
Can I print with my Chromebook?

Yes.  Printing is permitted only on site and during school hours.  Printing is accomplished using Papercut Mobility Print.

Who can I contact for more information about my Chromebook?
Send questions you have to us at
Will students receive training with chromebooks?

All students will be required to take a one hour training, facilitated by the Department of Technology.

Do students need to return their chromebook at the end of the school year?

At this point in time we plan to allow students to keep their Chromebook throughout the summer.

Will students be able to adapt to using Microsoft Office after using Google Docs?

A student proficient in Google docs will be able to use Microsoft Word at an acceptable level within an hour of instruction.

Can I plug a flash drive into my Chromebook?

Each Chromebook has 3 USB ports, which will allow you to access files on your flash drive.

Can the administration watch or listen to my child through the Chromebook?
No. The Swanton Local School District does not utilize any software or hardware to view or listen to students through the Chromebook.
My student is having problems connecting to WIFI networks outside of school. What can I do to fix this?
The first thing to try if your student is having problems connecting to wifi networks at home or outside of school is to plug the Chromebook in and then try connecting to the wifi. When the battery is low, the Chromebook may not connect to wifi.

Another item that may be causing connectivity issues to outside wifi networks is the authentication that is being used on the wireless network. It has to do with the encryption method that is being employed by your wireless router that may not be compatible with the Chromebook.  Most wireless routers have the ability to change the encryption method that is being used to password protect your wireless network.

Some security/filtering  set up on home networks may interfere with the functionality of the Chromebooks.  If you have set up special security on your home network, you may block the Chromebook from connecting to your home network.  If the Chromebook connects at school, the public library, McDonald’s, etc. but not at your house, you probably have settings on your home network that interfere with the Chromebook.

Do Chromebooks work offline?
Yes. You can use offline-ready apps to keep using a Chromebook when it’s not connected to the Internet. Below are some examples:

Read and write emails with Offline Gmail
Write a note or make a list with Google Keep
Create and edit documents, slides, or spreadsheets with Google Drive apps (Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides)
View and RSVP to events with Google Calendar
View and edit photos saved with the built-in photo editor
Enjoy music or movies with the built-in media player

Will my home internet be filtered on the Chromebook?
Yes. Students are permitted to connect to wireless networks outside  of the district.  Swanton Local School District utilizes a filter which allows us to filter/monitor internet content on the Chromebook at all times. This meets the Children’s Internet Protection Act requirements. Swanton Local School District does not provide support for connecting the Chromebooks to outside wireless networks.
Will my chromebook be able to connect to the internet through a cellular hotspot?

Students should always ask their parent/legal guardian before connecting to any Wi-Fi connection. Note: Data rates apply to Chromebooks!

If a student enrolls in Penta or college classes, can they continue using their chromebook?
If the IPF payment has been received by the Swanton Local School District and the Chrome book is applicable in the student’s program, they will be able to continue to participate in the 1:1 Chrome book initiative.
Do students keep the same chromebook through their career at Swanton?

To encourage students to take care of their Chrome book and respect it, Chrome books will remain with the same student throughout their career.

If a student’s chromebook is defective or damaged, will they be provided a loaner device?

A loaner device will be provided to the student.


What are the top ways Chromebooks are damaged?
  • Shutting a pencil or pen in the lid
  • Drops
  • Removing it from the protective case
  • Not using 2 hands to carry or exchange the device
  • Liquids such as spills, cleaning fluids or rain
  • Spills and/or crumbs from food or drinks
I paid for the Insurance Protection Fund (IPF). What does the insurance plan cover?
The Insurance Protection Fund (IPF) covers bonafide accidental damage to the Chromebook, as determined by the district. If a student accidentally damages any of these, the parent may choose to use the insurance plan to cover the cost of repair/replacement. If the cost is minimal, the parent may choose to pay for the damage, and save the insurance for a major accident.
Who is responsible for the cost of repairs/replacement?
Parent/Guardian/Student are responsible for the cost of repairs, replacement or insurance costs and deductibles. If a student loses the Chromebook, the Parent/Guardian/Student is responsible for the total cost of replacement.
How much is the annual payment and what is it for?

The Parent/Guardian/Student is responsible for making an annual payment of $40(Grades 4-12) or $15(Grades K-3) to the Insurance Protection Fund (IPF). This fund is established in order to fund repairs in the event of accidental damage to a student’s Chromebook.

When is the annual payment due?

All 1:1 participants are required to make the $40(Grades 4-12) or $15(Grades K-3) IPF payment. Due date is 1 week after the start of school year.

Is the annual payment refundable or prorated?
The $35 Insurance Protection Fund payment is not refundable nor prorated for partial years of student enrollment.
What is considered Accidental damage?
Accidental damage includes, but is not limited to:

Spills (on the keyboard)
Pet damage
Other special situations as determined by the district

What if my child intentionally damages the Chromebook?
Intentional damage is not covered under the Insurance Protection Fund.  If a student intentionally damages a Chromebook, the Parent/Guardian/Student is responsible for the total cost of repairs.
What is considered Intentional damage?
Intentional Damage includes, but is not limited to:

Throwing the Chromebook
Hitting/Striking the Chromebook
Removing Keys
Writing on, scratching words or pictures on, or placing stickers on
Removing factory labels, inventory tag, etc
Any deliberate act of damaging the Chromebook
Other special situations as determined by the district


Who is responsible for the Chromebook?
Students are responsible for caring for the device.  Chromebook Information.
What if the Chromebook is lost or stolen?
In the event that your Chromebook should be lost or stolen, a police report must be filled out by the parent or guardian and submitted to the school office. Please see your building principal if a Chromebook is lost or stolen.
What if my child lends their Chromebook/charger to someone else and it is lost?
The simple answer to this is never lend your Chromebook or any of the accessories to anyone. Remember, ultimately the Parent/Guardian/Student is responsible for the Chromebook. Emergency charging is available in the buildings. If you lend out your Chromebook or any of the accessories that go with it, and they are lost or stolen, the Parent/Guardian/Student is are responsible for replacement costs.
Who is responsible for the cost of repairs/replacement?
Parent/Guardian/Student are responsible for the cost of repairs, replacement or insurance costs and deductibles. If a student loses the Chromebook, the Parent/Guardian/Student is responsible for the total cost of replacement.
What if the Chromebook has a hardware failure?
If there is a mechanical failure, the school will repair or replace the Chromebook. Parent/Guardian/Student will not be responsible for repairs unless the Chromebook is lost or damaged due to neglect.
Who can my child contact if he/she needs technical help with the device?

Please create a ticket using Swanton’s support system, support.swantonschools.org. Once the Technology receives the request, a reply will be sent with instructions. Please follow the instructions in the reply email to assist you with the technical issue you are experiencing.

Can the device be shared with family for personal or other educational use?
The device is to be used for educational purposes only by the student to whom it is issued. The Chromebooks are restricted to Swanton Schools accounts. No other accounts will work on the Chromebooks.
What is the students responsibility regarding data protection?
Each student is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information held in the user’s account, including the user’s password and for any activity that occurs under the user’s account as a result of failing to keep this information secure and confidential.
Can additional programs or apps be installed?
Additional programs, apps, or other content may not be installed on the laptop by anyone other than approved School personnel. The district reserves the right to remove any content which interferes with learning or is otherwise deemed inappropriate (e.g., creates unacceptable risk to the student, property or the District).