Chromebooks Defined

A Chromebook is a laptop that is designed for office and school work. It is very lightweight, has a long-lasting battery, and runs on ChromeOS. Chromebooks are easy to use, have virus protection built-in, and keep going with a long-life battery, so you can, too.

Chromebooks are designed for office and school use, so they include an internet browser, word processing, spreadsheets, and even presentations. You can also listen to music and watch videos uploaded to your Google Drive or off of the Play store.

Chromebooks are automatically kept up to date, so you’ll always have the latest virus protection, along with the latest features. Best of all, your Chromebook won’t slow down over time. Your Chromebook updates itself, for free. No need for manual downloads or upgrades.

Technical specifications for your HP Chromebook 14:

– Intel Celeron Processor
– 16GB Solid State Hard drive
– 14 inch screen (1366 x 768 Resolution)
– 4GB of RAM

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Chromebook updates occur automatically, so your device will always have the latest OS & it doesn’t slow down over time.With a long-life battery, you can leave your charger at home. Approximate 9 hours battery life per full charge.Although the Chromebook is designed to be used while online, there are many Apps that will function offline, like Gmail and Google Docs.