Kindergarten Registration/Assessment Requirements

Swanton Local Schools Kindergarten Registration and Screening policies: Kindergarten students must be five years old before August 1, to qualify for entrance to Kindergarten. Please fill out the form at the link below. The office will contact you to set up an appointment time. Custodial parent or guardian MUST register the potential Kindergarten student.

Kindergarten Registration Form

The following documents for the student are required at the time of registration:

Birth certificate or passport – no other documents will be accepted. If you do not have an original birth certificate, contact the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state where your child was born to obtain one. Hospital Record with footprints is not acceptable.

Immunization Records must be submitted at the time of enrollment.

Custody Papers or Foster Placement Agreement – The parent/legal guardian/foster parent will have to furnish custody papers, divorce decrees or foster placement agreements (entire documents), if necessary. If custody papers are required and not presented, the child cannot be admitted. If a custody change is in progress, a notarized affidavit listing the court file number of the custody petition may be substituted, but for no longer than sixty (60) days.

Proof of Residency – The parent/legal guardian will have to furnish proof of residency in the Swanton School District in an approved domicile. This may be shown through a sales agreement for a house, a lease or rental contract, or a current utility bill listing the name and address. Letters from rental managers may be requested. All must be dated within the last thirty (30) days. If this is not available and the parent/guardian lives with someone, a Residency Affidavit Form will be required and needs to be filled out by the home owner and parent. This form must be notarized and proof of residency must be furnished by the owner of the residence.

Ohio Department of Education Kindergarten Requirements

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Information about how our staff will assess your child, and use that information to understand how they learn.

Kindergarten Parent Checklist

This checklist will help determine your child’s readiness for our kindergarten program.