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Swanton Local School District | Treasurer’s Office

108 North Main Street | t: (419) 826 – 7575 | f: (419) 826 – 7589

Welcome to the Swanton Local School District Treasurer’s page. The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the school district and reports directly to the Board of Education. Primary responsibilities of this office include:

1. Safeguarding public assets.

2. Ensuring that business practices comply to all federal and state laws.

3. The responsible investment of board funds in accordance with state law and board policy.

4. The provision of information about the financial condition of the school district to the local board of education and the community, including the semi-annual Five-Year Financial Forecast

5. Working with the county auditor to ensure that taxation is in accordance with state law and voter approval.

6. Reporting district financial activity to the Ohio Department of Education to ensure proper state funding for the district.

7. Management of the district’s accounting ledgers.

8. Keeping the minutes of board meetings.

9. Certification of contracts.

Perhaps the most challenging task executed by this office is preparation of the five year forecast. This forecast is filed with the state of Ohio in October and then again in May of each year. The most recent five year forecast is posted on this page.   Notes accompany the forecast and are an integral part of understanding the assumptions used to forecast the district’s financial future. I encourage you to review both the forecast and accompanying notes so you might better understand the financial position of the district.

I hope that the information provided here is useful to you. I welcome you to contact me should you have any questions relating to information provided on this page at 419-826-7575 or my email at

Sheila Horseman | CFO/Treasurer