Swanton Local School District | Department of Music

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Welcome to Swanton Department of Music:

Our music curriculum contains our General Music, Choral and Instrumental programs organized to provide students with a well-rounded music education.

Our elementary music programs (k-4) introduce students to fundamentals of music and provide them with the opportunity to begin interacting with music by singing with a class, learning about instrument families and developing a fundamental understanding of rhythm and melody. Our 5th grade program is designed to expand these skills and set students up to succeed in our performance ensembles (choral and instrumental) that start in 6th grade. In High school we offer another general music class providing students with a non-performance alternative to our choral and instrumental programs.

Our choral program contains three middle school/junior high choirs and high school choir that perform a series of concerts providing students with a continued education in performance and musical study. Additionally, the choral department organizes a concert in the spring, providing opportunity to students to participate in acting settings.

The instrumental program comprises three middle school/junior high bands, high school concert band, the Marching Bulldogs, and the Swanton Jazz band. Though they do perform concerts, our middle school/junior high bands are focused on developing instrumental technique. At the High School we switch gears to being more performance based with our concert band focusing on more advanced literature and even original compositions. The Marching Bulldogs perform at football games and in the stands at basketball games. Lastly, our jazz band program is geared towards students seeking to expand their music theory knowledge and develop improvisational skills.

William Schneider | Band Director