ACT/SAT Registration

Juniors should begin preparing to the take the ACT or SAT college entrance tests.  We highly recommend all students take at least one of these tests so that when they are ready to enter college a score is available to them.  It is posted on their transcript and will follow them for many years.

Seniors should take the ACT or SAT as soon as possible.  Even if you don’t plan on entering college next fall, it is important to have a score on file when you do decide to take classes.

Both the ACT and SAT tests have changed.   The “new” versions have separate writing tests, and we recommend that you sign-up for this option as many colleges are requiring it.   Many colleges are also requiring that they receive official scores directly from the ACT/SAT.  Please choose the free option to send your scores to 4 different colleges.  Athletes registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center need to use the code “9999”. Registration for the ACT and SAT should be completed online and a photo of the student will need to be uploaded.  We suggest registering early to reserve your spot at a site of your choice.

Please see School Counselor for fee waiver assistance.

Information you may need is as follows: Swanton High School Code: 364-923