What is the college code for Swanton H. S.?

I have questions about registering for the ACT/SAT tests?
Please open the following link: ACT/SAT Registration Information

How do I apply?
Steps for applying to college:
Know yourself and your reasons for attending college.
Consider college characteristics such as location, size, costs, financial aid, majors.
List, compare, and visit colleges.
Pick up applications in the Guidance Office or write to colleges for applications. Many colleges have E-mail addresses that allow you to request applications.
Apply for admissions and observe deadlines. An increasing number of colleges encourage you to apply online.
Mark your calendars! College Information Night will be held in the fall. This will be a fair type event where colleges and universities from all over Ohio and surrounding states will be here to share information and answer questions.
College representatives will be visiting SHS throughout the year, especially in the fall. Students interested in listening to these representatives may sign up in the Counseling Office.

When should I submit my application? How do I submit my application?
Many colleges have application deadlines between November 1 and February 15. Seniors should submit their applications to the colleges or universities of their choice and submit a request to Mrs. Moeller for their transcript to be sent. Applications turned into the Counseling Office the week before Holiday Break may not be processed until after the Holidays. The Counseling Office is closed during Holiday Break.

Some students are interested in Early Decision which means that the college is the student’s first choice and that, if accepted, the student will enroll. Be sure to read any Early Decision Agreements thoroughly before signing. These dates start as early as November 1.

Whenever possible type your applications. Colleges prefer to have complete applications sent. This includes the student’s application, the official high school transcript, any teacher or counselor recommendations, and any required applications fees. More selective colleges place an emphasis on the college essay. Tips on writing the essay are available from Mrs. Moeller.

What tests do I have to take and when? How do I sign up for them?
Students interested in applying to four-year colleges should take the ACT and/or SAT I by the end of their junior year. This allows them to retake either of the tests when they are seniors. Some scholarships are based upon these scores. Most schools will accept either ACT or SAT I test results for admission.

Students interested in applying to a two-year college or technical school are not always required to take the ACT and/or SAT I. Some programs at these colleges, however, do require them. It’s better to have taken them and not need them than to find out too late that you should have taken them and didn’t.

Students can pick up free ACT/SAT registration forms in the Counseling Office. You can also register online atwww.collegeboard.com for SAT and www.act.org for ACT. Free practice tests for the ACT are provided in the Counseling Office. Both tests are given on several Saturdays at various locations listed in the registration booklets. The tests last four to five hours.
SAT II tests are required by some of the more selective colleges. Each of these subject tests is 1 hour. Cost of the SAT II depends upon the number of tests taken on one date. A student may take up to three tests on one test date. Registration information is available in the Counseling Office or at collegeboard.com.

How can I prepare for these tests?
One of the best ways to prepare is by taking challenging core courses. Another way is to use the free practice test provided when you pick up the registration packet. There are test-taking strategies located inside that booklet. There are also books, computer programs, and independent businesses that offer assistance.