Middle School Counseling Program

To enable students to experience school success.

To assist students in understanding and respecting self and others.

To enable students to develop decision-making competencies and career awareness.

Providing a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to meet the challenges of a changing global community.
As I work with your student this year, please be assured that I am bound by the Code of Ethics of the American School Counselor’s Association (ASCA). Parent and student confidentiality is protected to the extent allowed by law and school policy.   Helping students meet their fullest potential is a combined effort of both school and home.  If you have any questions about these groups, please contact me at (419) 826-4016 or bethany.lopez@swantonschools.org.

The counseling program in our school is available to help students, parents, and teachers develop positive learning experiences. The program consists of a variety of services and activities, including individual and group counseling, parent and teacher consultation, information services, referral assistance to other agencies in the community, and student assessment.

Disclosure Notice:

Information shared between a student and a counselor is confidential. I make every effort to follow the counseling guidelines contained in the American School Counselor Association Code of Ethics. This means I will keep the information you share with me confidential—unless you give me permission to share it, or unless I am required by law or school policy to share it.

Examples of when I must share your information:

– When I must consult with other professionals to better help you.
– When I am required to release information by a school policy, state law, and/or the code of ethics for professional counselors.
– If I believe you are at risk of harming yourself or others.
– If I believe someone is trying to harm you.
– If a law is broken.

Students can schedule through self-referral, teacher, parent, or administrator referral. The Counseling office is located in room O104 at Swanton Middle School.

Services Offered:


Anger/Stress Management


Academics/Study Skills




Divorce/Family Concerns


General Questions/Concerns


Classroom Guidance


Individual (1:1) Counseling


Small Group Counseling


Career Development


504 Plan Case Manager




Communication/Social Skills


Bullying/Dealing with Conflicts




Resources for Parents & Teachers

Small Group Counseling Services


(Girls In Real Life Situations)

What a fun group!  This group celebrates “sisterhood” and provides  female students with a safe place to share with one another and work through tough issues such as self-image, peer conflicts, friendships, tough times, stress, emotions, and much more.  Packed with lots of fun weekly  activities, it’s no surprise this is a popular group with our female students!  – Offered Quarter 2 (Q2) & Quarter 3 (Q3)

Healing Hearts

Death in the family? Loss of a beloved pet?  Someone close to you move away?  This group is designed for students who want to learn ways to cope with the loss of someone or something special in their lives. – Offered by referral/as needed

Grab Bag

(Lunch Bunch Group)

This group covers a little bit of everything! Topics discussed may include school achievement issues, friendship and peer relationships, conflict-resolution strategies, anger/stress management, divorce/family problems, self-esteem issues, and more (based on student needs/interests). – Offered Q2 & Q3


(Seeds of Success)

This group focuses on success-building skills such as organization, time management, study skills, stress management, learning styles, and more! – Offered Q2 & Q3

Fall Newcomers

Just for new students to SMS!  New students meet together with the school counselor three times during the first semester to help ease the transition to a new school and simply “check in” with one another. – Offered Sem. 1 (Q1-Q2)

Kids in the Middle

This group is geared towards helping students learn to cope with family changes, for example: divorce, separation, remarriage/blended families. – Offered by referral/as needed