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Welcome to the District’s Military Family Resources

According to the Ohio Department of Education website, “There are 34,000 children in Ohio with one or more parents serving in the military. This includes the children of active duty, reserve and Ohio National Guard members. Some of these children will attend six to nine different schools throughout their K-12 educational experiences. In addition to changing schools often, a student also can be affected by a parent’s deployment.

As a recipient of the Purple Star Award Swanton Middle School has shown its commitment to students and families of military members. The purple star was chosen as the emblem for this award because purple is the color of military support. Swanton Middle School and the entire Swanton Local School District are proud supporters of our nation’s military and all the men and women who defend our nation. It is an honor to work with and provide assistance to the families of our military members. This award is an indication of a commitment that the Swanton Local School District has always been dedicated to upholding.

Military families seeking assistance or requesting additional information; can contact our Swanton Local School District Liaison.