Swanton Schools currently utilizes transportation routing software by Tyler Technology. This software now has an app feature that the transportation department has added to provide routing information to linked students.

The app, Ride 360, will allow you to view your student’s transportation arrangements.  It will have two very useful features.  First, it will give you an option to view where the transportation department has your student’s bus stop placed.  When you view the bus stop information, it will give you the location and the estimated bus stop times.  Along with that information, you will see the bus number.  This will give you a chance to view the same information that is on the bus drivers route sheet for your particular stop. As we make changes to routes in our routing software, the app will display those changes for you when you view your student.  The other benefit  will be the push notification feature.  We can send out updates on bus runs for reasons like a bus running late or even school delays and cancellations. These notifications will come through the app.  If you do not have a smart phone, there is a website available to link and view your student’s information.

Ride360 Website: https://ohswantonlocalsd.traversaride360.com/

How to Help article: https://support.swantonschools.org/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/39/15/Traversa-Ride-360-Setup

Thank you,

Jeff Bella
Swanton Local School District | Director of Transportation